Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13 "Skool"

So I am contemplating on talking to my sons school to see if they willl allow me to do cap and gown kindergraden graduation pictures. The thing is, is that this is a brand new school so they dont do the pictures like an established school does. They have a yearbook photography and thats all. I dont think taking these pictures would be hard at all. I use to work at a studio where shots like this were all we did so Im use to it. Im in the stage of trying to figure out how to write a proposal to the school and setting up a meeting to talk to them. My problem is that im not an agressive person and Im hard on myself when it comes to me going to something in photography so im a little intimadated by it. Other than that I have decided to stay in school and continue with next semester. I was going to drop out since all of this happened with my honey, but he assured me today on my 15min phone call I got that I needed to keep it up. He likes my art and want is proud of me. That made me want to do it even more. So tonights picture is of my art that I did for school last semester and he was sweet enough to hang it on our wall a few weeks ago. Its nice to know that someone is proud of my even in the worst situations.. Hope yall enjoy.


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  1. Oh Laura - STAY IN SCHOOL! It is one of those things that you will have to just believe me on that you will regret later on if you don't. Your work is amazing, think of it as a time to start looking within to discover the amazing artist you are and not having to look to others approval. As far as the photo's, I say go for it! I would start by searching online and in photog forums for proposals. Good luck, hang in there, and keep creating!