Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12

Sorry about yesterday, I took my picture for the day but my computer wouldnt work so I couldnt get it on the blog. For those of you that read my blog, I did get to talk to Zack very breifly Monday night and I will get to talk to him again very breifly tomorrow night. I cant wait!!! I miss him soooo much its driving me crazy. I still dont know when he will be able to come home and im well aware that it may be sometime before he does, but atleast he knows im here for him and I got to talk to him. So tonight was my first night back at work since he has left. For the most part I was going ok. Today didnt consist of much besides trying to get my house back in order and keep my daughter content. I really dont have alot to say tonight, im finding it hard to say anything. So I think im going to just end it here. I will post last nights and tonights pictures. Thank everyone for the encourgement!.

Oh ya just to let you know why I choose these pictures, the first one is art on the side of a train that I saw and the fan is from last night when my computer wouldnt work. It seems to be what I stare at the most at night when Im trying to go to sleep and cant.


  1. Love the tag pic - it amazes me what people can do with a spray can! I can so relate to the fan - I have had many a night with the same view. Good idea doing it in B&W, brings out the "dark" concept of it. Hang in there girl, so glad you got to talk to the honey.

  2. I agree with Belle, great pics! Hope your honey comes home to you soon!

  3. Thank you two so much.. you have no idea how much having words of encouragement and knowing people are out there really helps.. And Belle when I get ahold of a spray can it looks nothing like that..lol..