Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 A little off track

Hey Hey Hey, Well its day 3 and I took some pictures today mostly of the sky and the sunset, for some reason I love the way the sun sets and what it does to the sky. Today was nothing special just another Sunday, however we did go out to eat lunch today with my daughter Makenzie who is almst 17 months old. She is at the stage where she wants everything that mommy eats and today I had wings. I was trying to break her off some of the meat but that was not good enough for her she wanted her own, so to keep her content I gave her a whole wing with no sauce of course and that is where todays picture came from. My babys first wing experience, totally amusing to me anyway.. So with that being said that is why the title of this post is "a little off track". In my last post I said I didnt want to post just anything but I thought that this was amusing and I wanted to share it with everyone...well atleast those who read my blog... Have a good day



  1. Thought that was Caden at first...

  2. My grand-baby is so cute, even with a chicken wing in her mouth!

    Good luck with this Laura. You have a talent that I envy...just keep the stick-to-itness (not really a word, but...)

    I expect to see lots of pics as you progress.

    luv u baby girl