Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2

Hello again, well its day two and im finding out quickly that this project is harder than people want to think. I had a hard time taking my picture today, one because as I said before im not use to using a point and shoot so I couldnt change the settings like I wanted to and two because I dont want to start taking just anything and posting it. I want all of my post to be quality im not trying to take the easy way out, not this time.Over all I got a shot that is the best I can do with a point and shoot so im happy with it for now. Back to the point I find more and more that when I look at something the first thing to hit me is HMM what would that look like in a picture.. Crazy I know! Everything is being looked at in 4x6 or 8x10 format LOL. I have alot of ideas I want to caputre but I have to wait until it warms up some its oddly cold for being New Orleans. Anyway so far im on a good track but its only day 2, many many more to come.. Good night all



  1. beautiful shot - well done for any camera much less a point and shoot. good luck on your journy, i look forward to seeing where this year takes us.

    belle5 - scs

  2. Thank you both I was very suprised that I got this out of a point and shoot and Im glad to know that I have people with me on our journey