Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5 "The cheddar stack"

Today again was very cold, I mean come on my ditch in my front yard was FROZEN! So there was no way under the shinning sun (which there was a lack of) that I was going outside to take pictures. I did however follow the advise of everyone who I have spoken to and decided to take my camera to work with me tonight. We at Stones Bistro is Slidell, La serve some amazing food there, if your a local you should totally come eat its awsome! Anyway this burger which Chef Ryan calls the Cheddar Stack come with a side of fresh fruit and onion rings, the largest ones I have ever seen. I decided to take a picture of this because afterall if I have to be there might as well combine my work with my passion and complete a project day. I hope those of you reading this are not hungry lol. I may end up doing a segment of food pictures, could be interesting.. Well thats all for today I think im going to find something to eat now.. Oh ya in case you have not noticed I like to talk so for those of you reading this if you would like to me to just post pictures some days and not talk so much feel free to tell me it wont hurt my feelings I promise..Good Night


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