Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6

So todays picture came by an unwanted opportunity. I had everything all planned, I was heading to work with a dish in mind for todays photo for my food segment. Well it didnt quite happen that way about 20 miles from work my tire goes flat on the interstate. No big deal right? WRONG I had no spare tire in my car GO ME. I call my mom afterall mommy fixes everything right?? She said she was on her way to me but was about an hour away. So I sat in my car with absoulty nothing to do for an hour. I have always wanted to play with nighttime photography but never had the right things to do it correctly with and I still dont. So I seized the moment and pulled out my point and shoot and played with all the settings on it until I could get the night time effect I was looking for and to my suprise I got it for the most part. So with that being said I am looking forward to getting my SLR so I can do this correctly. I will admit the hour I sat there I was actually kinda having fun taking pictures made time go by faster. Im proud if this little point and shoot.. And yes mom came to the rescure again, brought my tire and even changed it for me and I got home safely unfortunally I did not make it to work but they are ok. So I will try again tomorrow for a food picture hopefully no more flat tires.. Have a good night all.



  1. great shot! i LOVE that you got it with a point and shoot as that is all i have to work with most of the time. every once and awhile my mom (my mom to the rescue too! aren't mommies great) will let me use her dslr and i love it, but i also love the challenge of seeing just how far i can push the ol p&s also.
    btw - i LOVE that you talk, i love "hearing" the story behind the shot.

  2. Yes mommies are awesome!! Im growing fonder and fonder or my P&S. Thank you for all the comments its fellow chllengers like you that make me want to keep going..

  3. great shot. I'd like how you made the most of your hour wait. It really does pay to take your camera everywhere you go!

  4. Yes it does and thats what I have been doing.. I had nothing else to do so I figured why not.. Whats a girl to do?