Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 " Artic Freeze?"

Well here we are day 7, a full week into into the 365 project. As those of you reading this blog know how I have been complaining about the cold weather here in Louisiana. Well tonight its getting down to 22 degrees! Thats NUTS. The news is going on and on about this artic freeze thats going on. All I hear is ITS COLD, ITS COLD, ITS COLD. With it being that cold tonight we are bound to have ice and maybe even snow if it rains again. Im excited about being able to use my fireplace for the first time, but I think I feel more cold air from it than hot! However the fire is really pretty so I decided to take some picutes of it to share with all of those out there that are as cold as me. For the photographers out there if you have even taken a picture of fire you know how unpredictable it is and with that you get some really cool looking shots. Im glad I get to share this warmth and the excitement of my first use of the fireplace. Stay warm everyone hope you enjoy.



  1. i've never tried a fire shot - i will have to give it a try! these are lovely.

  2. Thank you. You should give it a go and post them. Good luck