Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 "Cheers"

Well hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. My Saturday has been pretty interesting. Today started off with me waking up to Zack (my fiancee) saying the water in the house was not working, keep in mind it was 24 degrees here last night. I told him that obviously the pipes outside were frozen, neither one of us thought to wrap them up. We called my mom and again she came to the rescue. She told him to wrap a towel around the pipe and blow dry it, so he did. To my surprise it worked!! Yippie we have water!! I went back to bed. Later on I decided I might as well get up after all I had to be a work at 3:30. So far the day is going good. I get to work safely today, no flat tires for me.. YIPPPIE again. The night drags on as slowly as it possibly can but luckily I work with some really cool people so it made time go by faster. Towards the end of the night my co-worker had the table from hell!!! Just to give you an idea these people (and I say that harshly) ordered a drink well it just so happens that we ran out of the item on her last drink. My co-worker informs her of this and all she could say is, "well now im pissed, I should take my party of 8 and go else where." Come'on who does that?? Then im talking to my table which is about 8 feet away from this group and to get my attention she snaps at me! Seriously did you just do that? Needless to say I didnt respond! Sorry if that offends anyone. Now its time for dessert, haha, my co-worker is telling the table about what we have and lets them know that we are out of the cheesecake. No big deal right? WRONG! The same lady turns to her and says, "so if thats what I want to order are you going to run and get me some from somewhere?" NOOO lady we wont! Now your just being rude! Anyway, the point to all of this is that after work I came home and had a glass of champagne and I needed it! To all of the stressed out and the people who had a bad day im drinkin a glass for you.. CHEERS!



  1. love this shot. great job capturing the "sparkliness" of it.
    I worked as a waitress for many years - i just LOVE tables like that, when I see a waitress being treated like that now, I try to double tip her to try to make up for other people's rudeness.

  2. I am the same way. I feel bad when I see servers treated like that. Some people just dont understand.. Thank you for your complaments