Monday, December 28, 2009

Countdown to the countdown

Well its almost here and Im really getting excited about doing this 365 project. There are only a few more days until it actually beings, sure I could start now and just end it 365 days from now but thats no fun. For the last 24 hours since I started this blog and came to the decision of taking on this task I have wrapped my head around photography, what is going to be the first shot? Can I possibly come up with something new all the time and keep it going for a year? Can I keep up with daily life and this all at the same time? What if I run out of ideas? This is whats been going through my head and it hasnt even started yet! I know Ill be sucessful at this I have already put my mind to it. So many of my friends already think Im going to give up somewhere in the middle but that is only going to make me go for the goal even harder. I hope to learn alot of new things from this and as im being inspired I hope to inspire others. Only 3 more days to the official beginning of my Photo 365 Project!


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